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Transform yourself into an expert on your local night sky by consulting a real-time star projection based on the renowned and beautiful Stella 2000 / Adastra system. Sky Quiz will teach you in the most effective way possible the names of the stars and constellations as they appear from your own back yard on any night of the year. Zoom in on a small area to learn just the members of a specific star grouping, or pull right out for a full panorama of the entire sky. Question types include: Name the circled star Name the highlighted constellation Give the Bayer/Flamsteed designation for the circled star... Please point out the star named... Please point out the star with (Bayer/Flamsteed) designation... Point out any star in the constellation of... No tedious typing involved - just choose the answers from a drop-down list or click an object in the sky window. Full search facilities are on hand for those occasions when the answer to that question is on the tip of your tongue but just won't come, and a single mouse click on any object in the display will bring up information panels to help you fix its name and designation in your mind. Sky Quiz Color Edition is also available as an integral component of Stella 2000 Extended, available for download and registration right here.

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