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Interactive astronomy, a Virtual Observatory in which to explore realistic skies in real time, complete with observing log and list facilities, customizable reports, live ephemeris, location browser, and a sophisticated search embracing planets, comets, DSOs, and up to 300000 stars.
Stella brings atmospheric effects such as scintillation, refraction, and extinction in realistic, spotlight, and the new photoplate sky display styles. Subtler color gradations accurately reflect a star's true nature, and the complete Messier catalog in ImageIcons, animation modes, multiple toolbars, custom and online options, and the facility to display JPEG imagery in response to mouse-clicks on a wide range of celestial objects completes Stella's essential feature set.
Stella 2000 now boasts a completely new and expanded star catalogue. A permanent level-one database, the HR Bright Star Catalogue (Hoffleit & Warren, 1991) is present in both the shareware and registered versions of Stella 2000, supplemented by a 7000 star selection from the ultra-modern ESA Hipparcos satellite sky survey.
The Stella 2000 Extended Edition will open up your celestial horizons with the complete ESA Hipparcos catalogue of over 118000 stars, all the way from magnitude 7.0 to those stars beyond magnitude 9 resolvable by more powerful amateur telescopes. A capacity to put the finishing touches to a total familiarity with your night sky is offered by the integrated Sky Quiz Color Edition.

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