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Description of Open Chemistry:

Open Chemistry 1.0 is a fully interactive multimedia course that is the perfect solution for the online study of Chemistry. Open Chemistry 1.0 allows users to learn the laws of chemistry, and to master a variety of chemical sub-disciplines including Organic Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, and Biochemistry.

Open Chemistry 1.0 is ideal for high school, college, and university students, as well as for independent study of Chemistry. It contains numerous reference tables, and offers a large number of exercises and interactive follow-up problems for independent study.

Each of Open Chemistry 1.0 thematic applications has a detailed description, and a set of follow-up questions to maximize student understanding of the subject.

58 interactive models demonstrate the essence of the most interesting chemical phenomena and laws. Open Chemistry 1.0 simulations provide users with an opportunity to study the atomic structures of various molecules, to observe the formation of chemical bonds, to understand the mechanisms of chemical reactions, and to conduct chemical experiments.

Periodic Table of Elements is a systematically organized body of information about the chemical elements. It describes their properties, examples of their occurrence in nature, and functionality.

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