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Description of Open Astronomy:

Open Astronomy 1.0 is a fully interactive multimedia course in Astronomy. A unique e-Learning solution, Open Astronomy 1.0 offers students an opportunity to study Astronomy on their own, mastering this discipline via their computers.

Open Astronomy 1.0 is ideal for high school, college, and university students, as well as for independent study of Astronomy. Open Astronomy 1.0 provides an opportunity to master the principles of Astronomy, and to comprehend the essence of laws that govern the past and the future of the Universe.

The content of Open Astronomy 1.0 includes all the topics that are covered in introductory college and university level Astronomy courses. It also contains a significant quantity of material that goes outside of the scope of undergraduate courses.

Our interactive models demonstrate the most interesting astronomical phenomena and laws in action. Users of Open Astronomy 1.0 can watch lunar eclipses and sunrises on Mercury; they can observe our galaxy from different angles, and travel to the ancient eras, when the Earth was not yet formed.

Open Astronomy 1.0 Interactive Planetarium makes the study of the celestial bodies possible from any point of the globe, at any time. Interactive Planetarium is capable of simulating movement and positioning of more than 9000 stars, 8 large and 100 small planets within the Solar system, and over 200 comets, nebulae, and galaxies in the outer space.

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