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Description of Molecular Physics on the Computer:

Molecular Physics on the Computer is an interactive educational courseware for both teachers and students. The course consists of a set of computer programs and a physics guide. The software simulate general laws of Molecular Physics on the basis of two-dimensional ideal gas model. Each molecule is represented by a rigid disk while collisions between molecules are handled on the basis of mechanical laws. Computer traces each molecule and simultaneously stores the information which is needed to demonstrate any gas characteristics. Such model makes it possible to study statistical interpretation of Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics laws and provides connection between micro- and macroparameters of thermodynamic systems. It is possible to change any system parameter by menu and to observe the development of physical phenomena.

The course combines minimal system requirements and wide opportunities in learning physics featuring advanced interactivity. It visually explains the concepts of thermodynamics laws.

The course is recommended for high schools, colleges and edutainment.

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