IRIS. Scientific image processor

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Description of IRIS. Scientific image processor:

IRIS system is a program complex for processing and analysis of large arrays of research data (in particular, images). IRIS is a researchers toolbox to decide a lot of concrete problems. IRIS is oriented, first of all, on the researchers - scientists, engineers, graduate students, students etc.Main features of IRIS are simplicity of use, flexibility, possibility of integration with other applications (advanced OLE and DLL-interface). Native formats, which are processed by IRIS, are:- FITS (Flexible Image Transport System);- SBIG (uncompressed image files for Santa Barbara Instrument Group (r) CCD matrixes ST-4X/5/6/7/8);- BMP (8-bits standard Windows Bitmaps).There is the possibility to include support of practically any data formats without recompiling of IRIS.System IRIS consists of the three component-applications:1. IRIS-integrator (IrIn) - system shell, command center, data flows control, work with data kits, processor of built-in macrolanguage Bastis, kit of standard image processing procedures.2. WisA - image visualization and operative analysis.3. HeadEdit - viewing and editing of accompanying information (in particular FITS, SBIG - headlines), working with data files formats, system journal keeping.

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