Hardhat Time Series Analysis Tool

Hardhat is a time series analysis tool developed for coastal researchers.




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Description of Hardhat Time Series Analysis Tool:

Hardhat includes the following modules:Waves: compute wave (spectral) parametersStatistics: compute basic statisticsFilter: high-, low- or band-pass time seriesCross: compute cross-spectrumTransport: compute bed load and suspended load sand transportDirection: compute wave direction per frequencyFormula: compute new time series based on a formula given by the userCorrelation: compute linear and rank order correlation coefficientSort: sort time series in ascending order and compute percentileDateBurst: convert date and time to burst number and vice versaSplit: split and calibrate FSF fileCalibration: calibrate raw dataR4: convert Ascii file to R4Ascii: convert FSF or R4 file to AsciiExcel: read file into Excel worksheet

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