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ePublisher is a tool for the fast and effective creation of the professional electronic versions of books, production catalogues, documentation, etc.




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Description of ePublisher 3000:

ePublisher 3000 is a tool for the fast and effective creation of the professional electronic versions of books, production catalogues, documentation, etc.   Convenient book format
Owing to the possibility of applying a professional layout template to the initial text in RTF or PDF formats the book being created is automatically given the functionality and properties of a professional electronic publication and is ready for distribution on CD-ROMs, Internet, or as an EXE-file. Why can the ePublisher format be more preferable then standard RTF or PDF formats? The answer is rather simple. It may be sometimes difficult to work with a large text in RTF format with a great number of links and multimedia objects, and, as for PDF format, the program providing the work with it might very often not be installed to a computer. At your discretion ePublisher will help you create an electronic book for the recording on CD-ROM (as one executable file) or present a publication for further distribution on the Internet (in HTML format).   It's easy to use
ePublisher is designed to meet the needs of writes and businessmen, authors and publishers, in very fast, on-the-fly creation of electronic versions of their books, production catalogues, documentation, etc. You require no programming skills for creating a professional multimedia application. You needn't any more to hire designers, programmers and HTML-developers for the creation of the electronic versions of your books.   Unlimited possibilities
The electronic book created with ePublisher will have all the diversity of multimedia elements: sound, video, animations, and pictures. Besides, it's easy to include a powerful search system into the book. The book will have a high-quality design - more than 40 design templates created by professional designers are available in the program. In the case you would like to give your book a unique appearance the Template Wizard is just for you!   The era of the Internet
ePublisher has one more unique feature - the possibility of the Internet pages development to provide the reader with the access to the updated information.     Advantages
automatic creation of the electronic books from RTF and PDF, files with all the multimedia capabilities and hypertext links, protection of contents of the book from the unauthorized copying, export of the books into the HTML format, 50 professional layout templates, search system, automatically built into the book, automatic generation of hypertext links.  

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