AudioVisualizer (Audio Visual File Explorer)

An ultra quick Audio and Visual File Explorer dealing strictly withthe most commonly used file formats.




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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of AudioVisualizer (Audio Visual File Explorer):

AudioVisualizer = Audio Visual File ExplorerThis is an ultra quick Audio Visual File Explorer dealing strictly with the most commonly used file formats, permits to very quicky and with only a single mouse click visualize (listen to) hundreds of images and files containing textual information, also explores by executing animated-Gif images and audio (sound) files.Supported File formats... Image Files: Bmp, Jpg, Gif, Ico, Emf, Wmf, Animated Gif. Video Files: Avi. Sound Files: Wav, Mid. All other file formats (.exe, .pas, .cpp, .dsk, etc, etc) are displayed as .txt --- Operation with files: rename, print, deleteVery quickly can explore hundreds of sound, image and textual files.Useful when the user wants to very quickly get to know the contents ofmany files (text, sound, images) in a very short time.

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