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Description of Analyzer2000:

New : Universal PSK/PhiM Demodulator with realtime constellation displayNew : Easy logging of readings to file+ Fast spectral analysis with FFT display for time and frequency variant signals+ FFT sizes from 256 to 16384 points, dynamic range up to 160 dB, graphical zoom up to 32:1 + Using inexpensive PC sound card, no additional hardware needed+ Time analysis with oscilloscope and envelope display+ Sonagraphic analysis with waterfall display+ Measurement tools like markers, frequency rulers, level rulers, time rulers+ Easy determination of THD, SNR (SINAD) and VCO phase noise (dBc/Hz) + Built-in test generator for sinewave and/or noise stimulation (full duplex mode) + Multi channel operation+ Multi CW(morse) decoder+ PSK31 Driver for HF modem communication (RTTY)+ Universal FSK/F7B/FM Demodulator with baudrate estimation+ Simultaneous recording directly from PC sound card to standard wave file+ Snapshot functionality (20 seconds post trigger memory)+ Analyzing of standard wave files or post trigger memory in offline mode+ Running on Windows-NT, Windows2000, Windows95, Windows98 and Windows ME

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