Advanced GPS AGPS for Microsoft Map Point US

AGPS add in for Microsoft MapPoint, with voice enabled driving assistant with no time delay




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Description of Advanced GPS AGPS for Microsoft Map Point US:

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Feature Summary 

Additional features in the Version 2.2.x for MapPoint 2002
Auto re-calculate route when you off-track ; Speed sensitive (ETA or distance based)  Driving Assistant (please read how to use? for version 2.x) 
Visual and audio warning with Text-To-Speech enabled driving direction speak out.
The Driving Assistant now works for multiple waypoints with Guidance Manager, completely get around a bug in MapPoint2002 that causes error driving directions when a route contains multiple waypoints..; Accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to the destination with given current GPS time and location ; Zoom-in and zoom-out shortcut keys. (Z/X) ; Magnetic heading (compass heading) display (very accurate till 2005AC, somewhat accurate after 2005AC, or wait for a new version after 2005AC); Automatic tracking current position on the map instead of by refresh/redraw rate. (how to set it?); Zodiac GPS chipset v 2.x support (Zodiac with NMEA extension)  View Known GPSs Not Supported by AGPS
Version 1.1.x for MapPoint 2001
Variable GPS refresh rate.  Either time interval driven or GPS data driven (PII-233Mhz and up for GPS driven) ;   "Route from current GPS position" (click on the compass or press "R") ; Capture NMEA183 data from GPS to a file and playback/pause NMEA183 data as it's from a GPS ; Display Average Ground Speed, Elevation, Location in the selectable unit ; Display speed in Mph, Kmh or Knots, elevation in meter or feet.  Can switch the display unit on the fly. ; Heading Information: a compass, current location with heading ; GPS Time (Atomic clock) with one-click to sync the system time with GPS time ; GPS State and Satellite View displays the satellite positions in the sky and the detailed reception information. ; Plot Trail to plot a trace on the map with advanced pushpin notes. (enhanced feature in version 2.x) ;   "Push a pin" in the compass menu for people just want to lay a push pin on the current location. ;  Raw CSV trace note output format option (see FAQ for how to export to the database) ; Intuitive design with shift-less, Alt-less shortcut keys and  tool tips hint ; Automatic Start AGPS when MapPoint starts if you left AGPS opened while you shutdown MapPoint last time. ; Semi-automatic track current position on the map (v 1.x only)

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