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Description of Adastra Special:

Approach the skies with this accessible and easy-to-use 32-bitplanetarium. Adastra's varied and powerful functions are a significantsubset of the acclaimed astronomy shareware package Stella 2000,offeringhighly realistic views of the night sky from any place on Earthor point in time. Adastra presents an intuitive toolbar-driven interfacepromoting flexible manipulation of its real-time sky display, withefficient center, zoom, unzoom, directional and panning functions. Asingle mouse click will bring a comprehensive report on any objectvisible in the sky at the moment of observation. Adastra will smoothlyanimate solar system objects in two modes against a stellar backdrop,create printable finder charts, search for constellations, DSOs, stars,and objects within the Solar System, in either point-source, spotlight,or the new photoplate display styles.

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