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The Windows Dictionary of Astronomy is a comprehensive computerised astronomical dictionary. This user-friendly software package for Windows 3.1, 95 or NT incorporates some 2000 entries with associated terms incorporating direct hypertext links to related educational articles, all geared towards promoting a deeper understanding of astronomy. The program is designed to assist in the pursuit of knowledge at all levels, and will prove an invaluable resource to those engaged in the study of astronomy everywhere, whether at school or university or as amateur or armchair astronomers. The WDA would even serve as a useful general reference for professionals.
Visual Planets has been created as an educational tour of the Sun and nine planets. The program includes information on the Sun, Planets, Satellites and the Spacecraft that have visited them. The tour uses hypertext to allow space travel by simply clicking on a desired planet. This causes information and images about the planet to appear on screen. While visiting a planet, hyperlinks provide you with information regarding the planets moons, atmosphere, structure, rings, mythology, missions, statistics and a lot more. Unusual terms are clearly defined with direct links to over 100 terms taken from the Windows Dictionary of Astronomy. A revolution in planetary science has been brought about by the use of interplanetary spacecraft. The Visual Planets program has been created in the light of new knowledge and contains over 150 of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.
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