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A Periodic Table is a great tool for finding information about and teaching about the elements. Great for Chemistry and Physics students !




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Description of A Periodic Table:

A Periodic Table contains three screens to display information about the elements.Periodic Table Screen * Show Only Option - Screen Shows only elements of a certain type. * Periodic Table and Grid Screen are coordinated for show only option. * Each Element Box show the Atomic Number, Symbol and a selected property. * Element name is displayed as mouse icon goes over element box. * Customize Colors of Groups of Elements. * Clicking on element takes you to the element screen. * You can print the chart.Grid Screen * Show Only Option - Grid will show only elements of a certain type. * Grid Screen and Periodic Table are coordinated for show only option. * You can select which columns are displayed. * You can select the order the columns will be displayed. * Allows you to fix up to 4 columns, nice for scrolling horizontally. * You can sort the grid by clicking on a grid column header. * You can select which columns will be printed. * Print Grid in the order the column has been sorted. * Double Clicking on an element will take you to the element screen.Element Screen * Shows properties of elements (metal types, group, state, acid-base, crystal configuration, atomic number, symbol, name, melting point, boiling point, specific heat and more. * Select which element is shown by clicking on a drop down box of element name, symbol or atomic number * Electron Configuration can be shown in shortcut or in full. * Print the Information about the element.

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