Understanding Cardiac Pressure-Volume Loops (PVLOOPS)

Interactive learning module to aid understanding of cardiopulmonary physiology. Basic and advanced topics with graphics, practice test and explanation




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Description of Understanding Cardiac Pressure-Volume Loops (PVLOOPS):

Interactive learning modules provide an inexpensive, readily available complementary tool to facilitate understanding of important, but sometimes complex, topics and concepts in cardiopulmonary physiology. These software modules are intended for use by students in the areas of allopathic and osteopathic medicine, physician assistant, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry and nursing.This module,Understanding Cardiac Pressure-Volume Loopsconsiders the main physiological aspects of cardiac pressure-volume loops and their relationship to ventricular, atrial and arterial pressures, afterload, preload and cardiac contractility. Presents interactive questions together with graphical representations that can be experimentally altered by the student. Questions are both qualitative and quantitative to reinforce basic concepts. A multiple choice practice test is provided with explanations that should be very useful to prepare for the "real thing" in your various programs.

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