The Word Matrix : Word Search Game for Windows

The Word Matrix is a word search game based on a random matrix of letters that puts your English vocabulary to the test!




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Description of The Word Matrix : Word Search Game for Windows:

In single-player mode the objective is to search a 4x4 matrix for as many words as possible within a given timeframe. Points are awarded for each word found depending on length with bonus for words starting with 'QU'.

A multi-player mode (planned for version 2.00) will allow for interactive online play and real-time text messaging... the objective is still to find as many words as possible, however your points for a word may be cancelled out if another player finds the same word (speed play variation for multiplayer "locks" your word if you find first)!

Features in current v1.0 release:

* 640x480 screen resolution, 16-bit stereo sound

* Built-in list of "valid words" (does not enforce that word be in list to be counted - but during multiplayer mode, you may be challenged by other players if your word is not valid). Based on ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon) Version: 2.0 Version Date: 14-Apr-2000 and ABLE ("Alternate British LExicon") from the Supplement to ENABLE2K Version: 2.0 Version Date: 15-Apr-2000

This word list simply provides an easy tool to help quickly determine if a word is valid or not.

* "Look-It-Up" feature for word definitions through Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary web site.

* Game play options include variable time limit (2/3/4/5 minutes or unlimited), sound (on/off), colorize letter tiles (yes/no), validate words against dictionary (yes/no), include British words in dictionary (yes/no).
Note: Un-registered version allows for only 30 second games!

* Pause game feature during play and automatic pause on "Look-It-Up"

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