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Scubase Diver's Log - A comprehensive dive log and photo album software for SCUBA divers.


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Description of Scubase Diver's Log Registration:

Scubase is a versatile tool for SCUBA divers of all interests and levels of experience, especially underwater photographers, underwater naturalists, technical divers, instructors and divemasters. With Scubase you can:
Create and print extensively customizable dive logs ; Store, catalog and showcase your dive, dive site and marine life pictures ; Define dive reports categorized by unlimited criteria ; Keep dive equipment records, service logs and track upcoming periodic maintenance dates ; Record and analyze marine life sightings ; Keep track of your REEF fish surveys ; Share marine life and dive site information and pictures with other divers, students and customers using Scubase Packs ; Import dive data and depth profiles from dive computer software (Aeris, Citizen Aqualand Graph, Oceanic Oceanlog, ReefNet Sensus Pro Manager, Suunto Dive Manager, Uwatec DataTrak and generic profile files are currently supported) ; Download dive site coordinates directly from your GPS unit ; Export your dive log in HTML format ; Keep dive logs for multiple divers in the same database, sharing information about dive sites and marine life. ; Access your data with Microsoft® Excel and other third party tools via an industry-standard relational database (Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine is included with Scubase)
All features of Scubase are designed for users with minimum or no computer and database experience. The customization features are all visual, with no programming expertise required.

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