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Description of Personal Web Digest:

Personal Web Digest is a handy utility that allows you to perform quick and easy research for any information from the Internet and receive an intelligence report. How it differs from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo Search, or AltaVista? These search engines are web based. Here are main benefits of WebDigest:WebDigest is a Windows program, which uses these popular search engines and collects results from them. WebDigest collects results from all of them and sorts in according to their relevance. That's why you get results, which are analyzed and sorted in accordance to your request from all most popular search engines, saving your time. ; Besides that, WebDigest gathers into a single document only relevant paragraphs from found resulting web pages. Having that in place you review not entire pages, but rather only relevant excerpts, saving your valuable time and reducing your efforts. ; Unlike web search engines like Google, WebDigest automatically stores search results on your local disk. These stored search results we call search reports. That allows you to come later for reviewing search reports, even if you go off-line: you have your search results in hands! ; Unfortunately, laptop users cannot use search engines in airplanes, because there is no Internet connectivity in the air. WebDigest may help you here. Before your trip run interested search queries with WebDigest. After that stored search reports are available for your review even in the airplane! ; If you pay for the Internet connectivity on a time bases (for example with Internet dial-up), WebDigest may reduce your Internet costs. Now you don't need to browse by links, WebDigest does that for you, and returns relevant paragraphs! ; WebDigest integrates with Microsoft Word, allowing exporting search reports into this popular word processor. Now you can do notes and put your comments into search reports. That makes WebDigest to be your companion for Internet researches. ; For users of handheld devices such as PocketPC, and Palm, WebDigest gives the possibility to have search results on your handheld device. Just save search reports to your PDA, and you may review them on the go!

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