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A utility for your Palm, to keep track of your being Mavir Sedra.




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Description of Mavir Sedra:

Mavir Sedra, A utility for your Palm, to keep track ofyour being Mavir Sedra. By Jewish law you are required to be 'Mavir Sedra' 'Shnayim Mikra V'EchadTargum'. That is that you have to read every week twice the parsha reading ofthat Shabbos, and once the Targum. Preferably you should also study that weeks Rashi.Mavir Sedra helps you keep track of that, by having a complete database of the Torah readings with a table to enter the information. It has many other usefultools.

Mavir Sedra can display both in English and in Hebrew.It has it's own Hebrew fonts, so no Hebrew support is necessary. It even hasit's own calendar. so it knows the current parsha. It can also display a weeklyreminder after Shabbos, to remind you to update your information.

Mavir Sedra can be used as is, but registering enables some features.There is no charge to register by mail, but we do request that you send us asuggested $20 USD donation to help support our Jewish schools. For moreinformation, read the Registration info included within the program. Due totechnical limitations, you will have to give the full $20 USD donation in orderto register online.

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