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Multidisciplinary training software for the acquisition of effective learning skills and working techniques (learning to learn).




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Description of LernTrainer EDU:

With the LernTrainer EDU, students and scholars learn how to learn effectively. As a result, examinations can be completed with less stress and better grades. The LernTrainer EDU contains ten chapters on the following subjects: Learning Planning, Concentration, Examination Nerves, Technical Literature, Vocabulary, Memory Techniques, Pneumonic Techniques, Repetition, Memory Tests and Learning Games.
Using the integrated learning diagnostic tool, students can determine where their exact learning strengths and weaknesses lie. Thereafter, appropriate learning strategies can be specifically trained and improved. Following completion of the enjoyable learning tests, trainings and learning games, learners will soon be able to assimilate information faster and more effectively. Stress is avoided and examination nerves are reduced. Learning becomes easier and more enjoyable.

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