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GoldExI is a data acquisition software specially designed to measure superconducting and Josephson structures.




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Description of GoldExI (1..2 licences):

Using GoldExI you can measure:Current Voltage Characteristics (IVC); IVC families as a function of one parameter (IVF); Dependence of critical current on applied magnetic field (Ic(H)); Dependence of maximal current of the step/resonance on applied magnetic field (Imax(H)); Response of the system on applied waveform (V[I(t)]); Dependence of critical current on temperature. (Ic(T)); Dependence of voltage at some bias point on temperature (V(T))Other features:Auto-detection of installed hardware.; Flexible configuration of DAC/ADC channels, gain control.; All Measurement functions are optimized for high speed.; Averaging during measurements, flexible averaging options.; Sweep and programmable waveform generator; Delay & timing control; Files can be saved as plain ASCII dat-file and loaded back for analysis.; High quality printing with several options.; Math manipulations with curves.; Popup Tools: Thermometer, Cursors, Picture Info; Saving/Loading configurations.; etc...System requirements:M$ Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/NT5/2000.; Almost any 12 or 16-bit National Instruments ADC/DAC card. You should have at least one DAC channel and one ADC channel in your system. SCXI devices are supported but not extensively tested. (this requirement is for full version only); NI-DAQ software v5.0 or above properly installed. NIDAQ can be downloaded for free and it is also included with National Instruments DAC/ADC/SCXI cards when you buy them. (this requirement is for full version only)Limitations of demo version:
Demo/office version is 100% functional but instead of accessinghardware it performs emulation of Josephson junction and resistor.Thus this version can be used as a demonstration of GoldExI abilitiesas well as "viewer" for data acquired by others using full version ofGoldExI, i.e. can be used on your office or home PC which does nothave data acquisition cards.
Conditions of use:
You can use this demo/office version for free without limitations.You should buy the full version to have access to hardware, free upgrades and free technical support.
For further information visit GoldExI web pages, or write me an email.

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