BetterVIEW Operator Security System Toolkit for LV (Mac)

An integrated operator security and operator log generation system for virtually any LabVIEW application.




$89 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of BetterVIEW Operator Security System Toolkit for LV (Mac):

This robust, yet easy-to-integrate VI Toolkit is guaranteed to shave days or even weeks off your development cycle. The BetterVIEW OSS Toolkit features:
Flexible operator password security system with individually assignable operator security clearance levels (up to a maximum of 255 discrete levels). Passwords are save in an encrypted file and operators can modify their own passwords at any time. Supervisors and high-level operators can add and delete operators, reassign passwords and clearance levels, and modify any OSS parameter at run-time without stopping the host application.

; An integrated Operator Logging function tracks and time-stamps operator events such as log-in/log-out, and can include any arbitrarily defined text messages generated by the host application. Log generation can be enabled and disabled at run-time, and a useful automatic filename generator function is included.

; A Security Time-Out feature is also included. When invoked, the system reverts to a secure "No Operator" mode after a specified time interval. The time-out feature can be switched in and out, and the time-out interval can be edited at run-time.

; Networked Operation for Remote Operator log-in on remote client PCs.

; "Operator Security System Set-up Wizard" included with the package automates and simplifies the task of setting parameters and choosing security system options.

; Several sample "how-to" VIs, graphical help VIs, and extensive text documentation simplify the integration process.

; ... and more!

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