Visual Oscillations ( English version )

A set of at least 18 Visual and detailed Simulators dealing with Waves, Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion. Addressed to teachers and students.




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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of Visual Oscillations ( English version ):

Oscillations (Language: English; Level: College and University)This software for Computer Assisted Instruction is a set of at least 18 visualSimulators based on Mathematical Models (not animated cartoons),which deal with Waves, Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)in one and two dimensions.This is a set of highly interactive simulators, intuitively easy to use. The user sets the data and the simulators visualize theexperiment.Experiments: Wave Motion, Oscillating Block, Simple Pendulum, Damped Oscillator, Interference of oscillators in one and two dimensions, beats, Lissajous Curves, Energy distribution in the SHM, Oscillations in a string fixed at both ends, Varying-Phase-DifferenceLissajous Figures, Oscillating Spring, Standing waves, etc.This software enables teachers/students to teach/learn Waves and Oscillations by working through detailed simulations. Physics lovers will enjoy Physics with these simulators.These simulators may be appreciated in the author's web pages

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