Visual ElectroMagnetics

Set of simulators on: Electric and Magnetic fields, Equipotential surfaces, Circuits (series, parallel, dissipated power), Emf, applications.




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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of Visual ElectroMagnetics:

Visual Electromagnetics (Short name: Electromagnetics)This is a set of twelve simulation modules dealing with Electric andMagnetic fields, Electricity, Magnetism and its applications.Experiments: Electric fields due to point charges, Equipotentialsurfaces due to point charges, Deflection of charged particles byElectric and by Magnetic fields, Ohm's Law, Electric circuits(resistors in series and parallel, internal resistance, dissipatedpower), the electric transformer. Induced ElectroMotive Force due toa variable magnetic flux on a square loop. Electromagnetic wavefront polarization (linear, elliptical, circular), etc.The user sets the input data and the simulators respond accordinglyvisualizing the process.This visual and interactive set of silmulators make it much easier to teach and/or learn electricity, magnetism and applications, becauseit visualizes the processes according to the user's input data.

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