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Mathematical computing language using a Visual Basic syntax.




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Description of VBMatrix Pro:

VBMatrix is a software program that runs under the Windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system environment that incorporates and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the development of mathematical algorithms and models. The program allows for easy manipulation of matrix and vector data by using a "Visual Basic" style of syntax language which incorporates many mathematical functions. There are around 150 mathematical functions that have the same syntax and naming convention as Matlab. Some functions include FFT, eigenvalues, polyfits, least squares and much more. There are around 50 graphic functions which allow for the plotting of graphs, surface plots, contour plots, polar plots ane more.The GUI interface incorporates full debugging features that includes hints to display variable contents, syntax highlighting for VBMatrix code, c++ code and a menu similar to Visual Basic.The professional version allows compiling VBMatrix source code to C++ which is then compiled to generated DLLs. The compiling proceses is fully automated with a simple menu selection. Compiled DLLs are used by VBMatrix to enhance a user's algorithm, provide importation of third party software, or may be used as 'plugins' in other executable programs. VBMatrix will also generate standalone .EXE programs from the VBMatrix math source.

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