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UniTest System - powerful tool to automate the process of creating and giving your own education tests. Full support of MS Office, Lotus Notes and ...




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UniTest System is a powerful education tests & quizzes automation tool. Create and process your own tests, filter and customize test results, create or use predefined professional reports. Full support of MS Office, Lotus Notes and any other OLE-enabled software.
UniTest System package has 5 main modules: Editor, Test, Report, Monitor (server and monitor when testing through the network) and Settings. UniTest System also has UniTest Starter (modules quick start) and UniTest Direct (product news and updates via the Internet).
Twenty five general features: Support for any (!) OLE objects, documents, graphics, video and audio; Internal editor similar to MS Word; Use interactive OLE in your tests (to create interactivity). This feature makes your tests live and impressive!; Every question can have correct and partially correct answers; Question answer can be a single answer, ordered or not answer set (i.e. "Select processors in power descending order" or "Select correct expressions") or association ("Associate kings and the time of their kingship"); Subtests help you to divide test into parts and "accumulate" test questions base; Encrypt tests "on the fly" with proven BlowFish 448-bit! and compress up to 6-10 times!; You will get all possible data (selected answer, time spent to answer the question, answer confirmation, etc.) about every question passed in the test; You can use predefined professional reports or create your own just in minutes; Filter (any criteria) and sort test results; Set up position and size for each question and answer; In the network version you can use Socket or DCOM connection (or both simultaneously). You even can process your tests though the Internet!; Monitor users connected to the test process. You monitor every user action (all information about user, even earned points and current position in the test) in real time and can react on it; Administrate users connected to the test process. You can temporary disable or permanently block users; Network identification technology and operation system level authorization prevents from unauthorized connection; You can customize criteria for test marks (5-point scoring system); Every question has its own points toward the correct answer; Customizable test interface and ability to change size and position, set full-screen mode; You can customize testee data input fields and add your own fields; Up to 20 answer variants in the question; Unlimited number of questions; Set questions and answers to be shuffled randomly or not; Restricted access and locking mode; Comfortable, MS Office XP like interface; Support for 11 major languages.

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