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A simple-to-use scientific calculator with both key-pad and algebraic text entry




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Description of Syberad Calculator:

The Syberad Calculator is probably the first calculator designed for professionals, students and home-users alike which allows calculation entry as algebraic text strings, that you just type in, as well as the usual on-screen buttons.Just type in your equation and press return to get the answer. Have up to ten calculations on the go at a time and create as many variables as you like with meaningful names rather than single letter or number names. The Syberad Calculator has all the usual scientific and trigonometric functions as well as day-to-day functions like percentages, supports multi-level parenthesis (ie. support for bracketed calculations) and has the facility to print your calculation results.Download your evaluation copy now and use the product unrestricted for 10 days; if you like it, you can register online for only ¡ê7.99 ($12.50 US, 11.00 euro) and gain entitlement to free upgrades for life.

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