PawLogic -- License B

A program for manipulating boolean expressions -- both in propositional logic and in QBF.




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Description of PawLogic -- License B:

PawLogic is a program for manipulating boolean expressions. Theprogram handles both expressions in propositional logic and quantifiedboolean formulae (QBF).

Logic is widely used today. It forms the basis of mathematicalproof methods. It is used in formal verification like symbolic modelchecking and equivalence checking of combinational and sequentialcircuits. Logic is also behind product configurators and the construction ofremote controls and traffic light intersections. And logic issomething we all use daily. For example, most of us readily accept thefollowing reasoning: "If it rains, I get wet. It rains. Therefore Iget wet." This is applied logic.

PawLogic lets you work and experiment with logic. If you are astudent of logic, you get a valuable tool to aid you in yourstudies. If you are a professional working with logic, you get analways accissible logic program for you to use whether at the office,at home or on the move. And if you are just interested in the world oflogic, here is your chance to get hands-on experience.

PawLogic works under PalmOS 2.0 and higher. Copyright ? 2000Poul F. Williams. All Rights Reserved.

Visit the PawEng webpage for more information. We have a manual available online including a number of screenshots.

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