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The Matrix ActiveX Component is a useful tool that simplifies the use of matrix mathematical computations in application development.




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Description of Matrix ActiveX Component Advanced:

EigenValues and EigenVectors calculation can now become just one line ofsource code!

The ability to calculate EigenValues and EigenVectors is just one aspect ofmatrix algebra that is featured in the new Advanced edition of MatrixActiveX Component.

Implementing even a simple matrix math operation in your application requiresthat a matrix algorithm be developed, source coded and extensively tested.

Matrix ActiveX Component does this for you! Itdelivers all the speed, numerical stability, robustness and scalability youcould ask for, significantly reducing development time and allowing you to focuson the actual goals of your application.

Without compromising speed, Matrix ActiveX Component uses anobject-oriented approach to matrix mathematical computation. It provides youwith the Matrix Class containing all the Properties, Methodsand Events that you?ll need when deploying your numerical exploration.

Here are just a few of the supported operations:
Basic matrix operations Addition ; Subtraction ; Transpose ; Scalar Multiplication ; Normalize ; Common matrix operations Multiplication ; Inversion ; Determinant ; Simultaneous Equations Solving Using matrix inversion ; Using Gauss elimination ; Matrix Decompositions LU Decomposition ; Cholesky Decomposition ; QR Decomposition* ; Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)* ; Eigen problems EigenValues* ; EigenVectors* ; Vector functions Column Vector* ; Row Vector* ; Events Notification OnProgress Event* ; Done Event*
(*) Only in Advancededition

High-performance matrix calculation is no longer a privilege of mainframecomputers running Fortran libraries. Matrix ActiveX Component bringsthese functions to your desktop application, no matter what your needs! You maybe developing a statistical package, or you might want fast 3D graphicstransformations. You may need to solve simultaneous equations, multivariatelinear regressions, or to solve EigenValues and EigenVectors problems. MatrixActiveX Component can do all of this and more!

You might expect a tool so robust and versatile to be complicated to use. Onthe contrary, you will discover how easy, quick and clean your source code canbe when you use the Matrix ActiveX Component.

Comprehensive documentation is provided that will make it very easy for youto start coding right away. Context-sensitive help is available while debugging.Plenty of source code examples are given throughout, explaining the use of everyfeature. In addition, we provide online help, and above all, we are always hereat your disposal to help you use Matrix ActiveX Component.

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