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GEUP is an interactive, powerful and easy to use software for learning and doing Geometry on the computer. It allows to verify geometric properties in a precise way and to discover new properties through the exploration. With GEUP you can study graphically a general problem and obtain dynamically many particular cases. This property together with its calculation capability, enables you to study problems of different areas of Mathematics(for example, the study of functions), being also useful in other fields like simulation of mechanisms, Geometrical Optics, Drawing and graphic design. GEUP is a versatile and very useful tool in education and practice of Mathematics at any level and much more.Some of the GEUP features are:¡¤ It allows to modify geometric elements dynamically, reforming very fast the construction.¡¤ Fast and precise loci. ¡¤ Enables geometric transformations (symmetry, reflection, translation, dilation, rotation, inversion)¡¤ Analytic Geometry: it calculates the coordinates of points (cartesian and polar), and the equations of lines and the equations of circles.¡¤ It calculates functions of construction measures, being able to use these values in any construction step.¡¤ You can graph cartesian and polar functions.¡¤ Use macros to speed the construction process.¡¤ You can print any part of the construction and change the scale.¡¤ The application is fully customizable. It includes multi-language support.¡¤ Easy to learn and easy to use.

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