Fine InfraRed Explorer for Atmospheric Radiation MeasurementS (FIRE-ARMS) is a software for passive atmospheric sounding by FTS sensors




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Description of FIRE-ARMS:

FIRE-ARMS for Windows is a GUI application intended for simulation of microwave and infrared spectra for zenith, nadir, slant path and limb geometry of sounding. FIRE-ARMS allows to retrieve vertical profiles of temperature and atmospherc constituents. This option is available for up looking and down looking observations. All algorithmes are based on accurate line-by-line calculations using spectral data from HITRAN database. Context sensitive help system and documentation in electronic format are included into the software package. The main features of FIRE-ARMS for Windows are:
- graphical presentation of all types of spectra, atmospheric profiles and weighting functions;
- easy user-friendly generation of new user's atmospheric models with any height mesh;
- easy choice of isotopomers set for calculations;
- easy construction of target function for mean least squares method for profile retrieval.
Registered users are supported via e-mail. Adaptation of FIRE-ARMS for user's purposes is performed if possible.

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