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Description of Exacta:

Non-satisfied with the Windows calculator ?
Exacta is a calculator that performs all basic functions and many others never seen yet:

-Calculating Greatest Common Factor (G.C.F)
-Calculating Least Common Multiple (L.C.M)
-Calculating Log with any base N
-Calculating Root with any base N
-Calculating Power with any base N
-Calculating with probability functions: nPr and nCr
-Calculating fractions
-Converting fractions (simplifying)
-Calculating quotient and remainder
-You use and define your own constants with the Repository unlimited capacity
-Customizable calculation precision level
-Generating "in-range" random numbers
-12 previewed data storage registers where all basic operations take place
-Easy-to-use up-down rounding functions
-More efficient displaying buttons: restore equation, result auto-save...
-Mouse and/or keyboard data entry supported.

...and more.

- Free technical support by e-mail,
- All minor updates for free.

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