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Euklides is a dynamic geometric software. Main features: animation, macros, conics, point tracking, dynamic labels, layers, ...




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Description of Euklides Dynamic Geometry - single user license:

Euklides is a vectorgraphical geometric construction and designer program.A construction is not a static formation on a drawback, but - because of the mobility of base points - it is a structure appearing in form of a spectacular animation. During the dynamic change of construction the essence is properly traceable, the succession and interdependence of objects can be easily observed.Besides the basic elements, Euklides supports conics, point tracking (locus, cycloid) and animation. The convenient user interface and the multi-layer capability ensures the easy and efficient construction of drawings. The software produces precise printouts, the area to be printed can be freely selected.You can edit detail-constructions as macros and insert them into a complex design, while the base points gets the tasks from the compound drawing.The install pack contains detailed help and plenty of examples.

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