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EUKLID is a program for dynamic geometry.




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Description of EUKLID, Single User License:

With EUKLID you can make geometric constructions just like you do with ruler and compasses. But EUKLID makes dynamic drawings: you can drag some objects after you finished your construction without losing the interdependency between its various objects. For example, if you construct the bisector of an angle, and then move the sides of this angle, then the line of the bisector will automatically be moved just the way that it always divides the angle into two equal parts.Moreover, you can create macros to abbreviate often used sequences of construction steps. There is the possibility to measure distances and angle widths, and to watch expressions containing these values while dragging the drawing. And you can record locus lines, i.e. the traces a point leaves while it (or another point of the drawing) is dragged along. A highlight of EUKLID are the "dynamic locus lines", that you can use to explore algebraic curves.Naturally, you can save, load and print your drawings, even export them (in BMP and EMF format) to the clipboard and insert them into your word processor documents. For further information, have a look at the english pages of the author's homepage!

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