CurvilinearS (Geometria Analitica Plana, en Espa?ol)

Easy Learning Plane Analytic Geometry. Easily Solves problems by hundreds. Good for teachers and students




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Win CE/Pocket PC

CurvilinearS (Geometria Analitica Plana, en Espa?ol) Download

Description of CurvilinearS (Geometria Analitica Plana, en Espa?ol):

CURVILINEAR_S .- Level: intermediate ; Language: Spanish, Castellano, Espa?ol Easy Viewing Plane Analytic Geometry, The best way of really learning while solving problems from the most simple up to for example finding the line-equations of the heights of a triangle, or the equation of the line through the intersections of two circles, Or the extended equation of the circle passing by three given points. This is a software for the person who really wants to learn Plane Analytic Geometry (PAG), or for the person who loves seeing the mathematics invocrated in PAG. Admits two types of input: either mouse or keyboard Curvilinear is intuitively easy to use. No manuals needed. You may appreciate this software in: also in: Operating System: Windows. Minimum requirements: Windows 95, Processor: DX4 - 486 / 100 Mhz RAM: 8 Mb, Hard Disk Space: 2 MB, Mouse, Video: 256 SVGA card

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