CMATH for Borland (Turbo) Pascal

Complex-number math functions




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Description of CMATH for Borland (Turbo) Pascal:

CMATH is a comprehensive library for complex-number arithmetics and mathematics.
This version is for Borland Pascal 7 and contains the same functionality as CMATH for C++ (available both for Borland C++ and Visual C++) and CMATH for Delphi.
All functions have a prefix (cf_, cd_, or ce_), indicating Single (Float), Double or Extended precision.
Examples are cd_sin or ce_exp.
Superior computational efficiency, accuracy and safety are achieved through the implementation in Assembly language.
All CMATH functions are optimized for Pentium/Pentium Pro, but will run on hardware down to 386+387. The full version contains additional, slightly faster units requiring, at least, 486DX.
The Shareware version is for the real-mode DOS target of Borland (Turbo) Pascal 7.0.

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