CioinaEval class and CioinaDLL

TCioinaEval class can parse, evaluate and differentiate a mathematicalexpression given as a string. It was written in Delphi and support D5-7,BCB6,K




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Description of CioinaEval class and CioinaDLL:

TCioinaEval, TCioinaComplexEval classes and Ciona.DLL can parse, evaluate and differentiate a mathematical expression given as a string.:

; accept operators: + - * / ^ = ~
; accept user defined functions and constants (maximum 65400)
; functions accept any number of parameters (maximum 2147483647)
; functions accept varying number of parameters
; accept user defined functions without parameters
; includes common math functions and constants (82 built-in)
; supports "if" and "while" functions
; supports boolean expressions
; fast evaluation (the expression can be evaluated quickly for different variable values)
; error handling with localizing points of failure
; optimized calculations (constant parts of expression are calculated)
; parsed expression can be retrieved (added parenthesis)
; expression can be differentiated
; can export to Mathematica 4.x form
; can parse an expression array
; cross-platform compilation (Windows-Linux)
; variables automatic check possibility
; defines functions on runtime
; space like multiplication operator
; check IsMathExpressionLinear
; built-in small help
; exception control
; full support for D5,D6,D7,Kylix2,Kylix3,C++Builder5,C++Builder6,VB, MSVC,etc.
; TCioinaComplexEval supports complex numbers
; full sources and demos(TCioinaEval, TCioinaComplexEval, CioinaMathLink, CioinaEvalOLE, Cioina.DLL)
; update service

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