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Description of Stackz/J:

Stackz/J is a flascard organizer. It helps you to keep the overview over the words you are learning, even if there are several thousands of them. To achieve this goal, the words are classified according to two fundamental attruibutes:
known/unknown - known words are on the right, unknown ones on the left. ; fresh/old - the color of the card indicates the time without a positive test.

The known/unknown separation is a well accepted technique, it has been widely used in the traditional flashcard approach where paper flashcards are moved up and down the promotion levels. The Stackz system goes one step further by also showing which cards have not been looked at for a long time.


The Software Representation

Click on the above thumbnail to see a larger screenshot of the actual software (v2.0). It shows how Stackz visualizes the cards with their two attributes (promotion level and color), and how a set of stacks can be selected to open in a tool dialog (in this case the LearnDialog).
Features Flashcard organizer with simulation of the natural knowlege loss by changing the color of words that are not refreshed. ; Separate tools for learning new words and refreshing known ones. ; Print the words as list or flashcards for offline learning. ; Simple wordlist creation due to integrated Japanese dictionary. ; Convenient kanji lookup environment with direct integration of advanced Dictionary lookup system. ; very big wordlist archive with off the shelf wordlists for your need.
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