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Browse through over 1000 years of history, together with the coins of Nero, Hadrian and dozens of famous and infamous emperors. Explore deities, pe


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** 8000 pictures (4000 coins) mostly Imperial and Provincial, with few Republican and Byzantine coins.** All pictures have a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and many hundreds have a resolution higher than 1200 x 1200 pixels with a sharpness and richness of details never seen before. Click here for a sample image** A POWERFUL search engine will help you to find objects, deities and abbreviations on coins.** Description given for each coin, with mint, weight, diameter and?indicative value.Hundreds of pictures of Archaeological Sites will take you into the cradle of modern civilization.** Explore deities, personifications and objects on coins reverse and find out their HIDDEN meanings.** All images are taken from the coin itself, not catalogs or photographs** Sort on Emperor name, coin type or metal** Faster database access than version 2** Images can be enlarged clicking on them with the left or with the rightmouse button. In the first case you will see the entire image, in the secondcase you will see, in a small window, only a partial enlargement incorrespondence of the position of your mouse and you can choose differentenlargement ratios.** Fully user updateable database in Microsoft Access format. You can storeyour own pictures on the hard disk and easily link them to the database.** Main emperors are provided with historical biography and a portrait.** Coins are catalogued according to RIC and/or Cohen and/or BMC.

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