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Frequently reading Web page news definitely does harm to your eyes and neck. Protect your eyes and your neck now. Let your ears instead of your eyes to directly Listen To Web Page, MS WORD document and text document. ListenToWebPage is invented for this purpose! This software is extremely helpful to those who frequently reads Web news or writes document by MS WORD. It not only can let you enjoy reading news comfortably ,but also let you to handle other matters while listening to the news--- a better way to save your expensive time. Functions:1. Directly listen text on web pages.2. Directly listen to MS WORD documents by clicking Speak icon on your MS WORD tool bar or pushing F12 key.3. Directly read aloud text or text document in your computer. For those learning language, this function is useful to improve aural ability by listening to various materials.4. Save text as MP3 files or text files .5. Convert WAV files to MP3 files.6. More than 10 language pronunciations can be used. Such as: American English, British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese.Features: Extremely easy to use! Clear interface!Free change language pronunciation!Controllable reading speed!Controllable pitch!Controllable volume!

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