OkidO-Xenio is an educational program for children from 7 to 12 years old to learn the multiplication tables.




$9.9 (USD)


Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of Xenio:

These tables can be trained on multiple ways without help of an attendant (tutor). Xenio is interactive, therefore children can decide on their own which tables they want to learn and/or which tasks they want to carry out.After some practise a test is possible to see if the DIPLOMA can be gained (taken).In play (while playing) the tables will be learned. Xenio is a good support of the lessons in arithmetic at school. Also for children already good at ciphers (sums) Xenio is a very good aid. The tables excellently can be practised over and over again.Xenio has 3 different levels. For that reason the program can be used by children during a long period. A competition is built in to test who is the first to gain (take) a diploma.The results are being registered by means of a list of high-scores.

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