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Description of Vocabulary Trainer 2003:

We thank you that you are interested at Vocabulary Trainer 2003.The program is able for everyone, so that you - young or old - learns to use the program.

The Integrated User Interface (IDE)

The IDE is splitted in different categories to make the software clearly.
The Trainer shows you all words that you have entered wrong or right and also the typed and the right solution.

The FunctionalityVocabulary Trainer 2003 has some functions which are included in no other programs yet, as example protocolling and training of words which are wrong translated or the speaking of all english words.

Also our Vocabulary Trainer includes the game hangman, with which the easy training of words is able.

In "Options" it is able to do some cool features, as example learning with a timer, the training-intensitivity of problem words, which language should be trained (english-german, german-english) or the setting of the vocabulary book you would use.

Product size

There are also 2 complete vocabulary books from the beginning, one with ca. 27.000 words, and one with only the words who are often used. The Using of self-created wordbooks or vocabulary lists is able, too.

Alle Programmaktualisierungen - egal ob klein oder groß - sindfür unsere Kunden kostenlos.

All Program Updates - small or big - are free of charge.

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