The Scroll, Multimedia Study Bible

Complete Bible,1000 photo's, 195,000 words, video, animation, music, sounds & mo




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Description of The Scroll, Multimedia Study Bible:

An educational and fun program for the entire family. Imagine the possibilities! For example with 'The Scroll' you will be able to see actual photographs of artifacts, coins and weapons, artwork, places like the Pool of Siloam, the Sea of Galilee, and the Mt. of Olives. Follow Paul on his missionary journey (animated), hear the 23rd Psalm spoken in Hebrew, along with 140 other Hebrew and Greek Words. View one of over twenty video clips of Israel not to mention original music, color interactive maps, timelines, charts, illustrations and over 1000 photographs and 78 topics with 195,000 words (that's about 1000 pages of original material) written especially for The Scroll! Included for each book of the Bible is its own Outline, Date and Background. The photographs equally reflect the lands of Bible history, including Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Babylon, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy, Crete, and more. What an asset to any study of God's Word!

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