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This is the age of information and we must read extensively tokeep up with the latest advances. Those who can read quickly andaccurately save time, learn more, and quickly advance in their careeror studies.
The better you can read the more you want to read. RocketReaderfor Windows improves your reading speed and comprehension withan effective combination of exercises, flash training, speedtraining, memory tests, practice readings and timed speed tests.
RocketReader also has a comprehensive memory training systemwhere you can train yourself on any of the many facts and figuresyou need to excel at work or in your studies.
With only 15 minutes of training each day you should seeremarkable progress within three weeks. You can double yourreading speed with 30% better comprehension, and recall of thefacts.
Since it's release in 1996 the RocketReader software has been atwork around the globe. RocketReader is now available as version 5and installs as 20 Million byte application on your hard disk. Thisrepresents a comprehensive array of features and materials to giveyou a competitive edge that you can use daily in your career orstudies.
The features, the options and the power of RocketReader areunsurpassed by any other program or training course, asRocketReader is speed reading, and much more. For instance,RocketReader has a comprehensive memory training system whereyou can train yourself on any of the many facts and figures you needto excel at work or in your studies.
RocketReader is ideal for children (older than six), college anduniversity students, business people, clerical staff, professionals,recreational readers, executives, and sales people. RocketReadercan also be used by fast readers who want to learn to speed read ataccelerated rates. Blast your reading skills into orbit and get your career into gear today with RocketReader.

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