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Description of Physics By Pictures:

Physics by Pictures is an interactive educational courseware for both teachers and students. It is an integral knowledge base in the field of physics. The course combines minimal system requirements and wide opportunities in learning physics featuring advanced interactivity. The product includes a reference book, 60 interactive simulations. It has a friendly graphics interface. The course covers:Mechanics; Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics; Electricity and Magnetism; Optics; Modern PhysicsIt dynamically shows different examples, phenomena, schemes, etc. Each simulation is based upon a mathematical model of the phenomenon. Students can change parameters in interactive mode and explore laws of nature.

Questions and problems are included in the course with a possibility to enter and check the student's answers.

Some examples are designed as a flexible constructor which allows one to build different experimental schemes and investigate them. There is also a calculator, lists of physical and mathematical formulas, and tables of physical constants.

The course is recommended for high schools, colleges and edutainment.

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