Alive! Jigsaw

Powerful jigsaw player/creator allowing to use your own videos and pictures to create custom jigsaws.




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Description of Alive! Jigsaw:

Alive! Jigsaw is a virtual jigsaw puzzle designed for gamers of all ages and features richly animated 3D images and the ability to customize the number of puzzle pieces from 9 to 160. Alive! Jigsaw puzzles offer striking, colorful animated illustrations based on the original artworks of Viktor Yegorov, the highly regarded European children's artist. For customized game play, players can use their own AVI movies and JPEG pictures to create animated and non-animated puzzles. Gamers can halt animation while assembling puzzles, or for greater challenge they can play on while the animation rolls - even while puzzle pieces are scattered haphazardly across the computer screen. The game sports ascending levels of difficulty and a wide variety of puzzle piece shapes that automatically snap together when closely aligned. Games can be saved, allowing for multiple sessions of game play. For those times when a player gets stuck the game offers help, including an auto-solve feature. Four animations come with the trial version of Alive! Jigsaw. To ensure longevity of the registered game, over 100 additional jigsaws are currently available for free download, including many animated fantasy works of art.

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