WebRainbow (Standard Edition)

Web Server Independent Dynamic page (CGI script) tool for VB 6/5/4 on Win9x/NT4/2000, supports unlimited concurrent access, no Registry Key used.




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Description of WebRainbow (Standard Edition):

WebRainbow is dynamic web page (CGI script) developing tool which is complied with CGI 1.1. It gives Visual Basic programmer the full capability to write dynamic web page directly using Visual Basic and HTML.WebRainbow using Static / Dynamic Separation technology makes dynamic web page developing easy.WebRainbow works for all editions of Visual Basic 5 & 6, and 32-bit version of Visual Basic 4. All functions and constants exposed by WebRainbow can be accessed just like Visual Basic build in functions and constants.WebRainbow is really ready for 24 hours a day / 7 days a week running without any trouble, support unlimited concurrent accesses. It can be used for Windows 2000 / NT 4 / 98 / 95, without extra specific hardware requirement.WebRainbow supports HTTP 1.0 / 1.1, HTML 3.2 / 4, CGI 1.1, and Cookie, lets developer to write Web Server Independent dynamic page, so the code is "written once, working for all" major web server running on Windows 2000 / NT 4 / 98 / 95.WebRainbow is easy to deploy, only COPY / DELETE WebRainbow file(s), currently only WRnbwB.dll, is involved, no Registry Key needs to be modified, created, or deleted.WebRainbow (Trial Edition) is a full functional product. It is free for development, test, and evaluation purpose, as well as free for personal and educational real use.WebRainbow (Standard Edition) can be installed and used on a computer which is used as the Web Server for commercial gain or in connection with business operations (such as MIS or other business systems).The completed on-line documentation and example source code are included in the WebRainbow package.

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