Protect your website with WebAgain! It monitors your website for hacks, vandalism and defacement and automatically republishes your original pages wit




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Description of WebAgain:

WebAgain is the premier web site protection utility that automatically fixes vandalized web sites without taking your site offline. It accepts web page data from any web authoring program, such as Microsoft Front Page, Adobe GoLive, and Macromedia Dreamweaver and creates an archive each time you publish your site. WebAgain archives your web site content and stores multiple revisions, allowing you to easily restore your web site to a specific point in time. It simultaneously publishes to multiple mirrors sites, keeping all locations in sync with your master copy. WebAgain checks your web site for unauthorized changes using the Internet access method that you do, dial-up networking, T1, DSL, Cable Modem, Dial-on Demand Router, ISDN Router or Frame Relay. When hacks are detected, it sends the vandalized pages to the quarantine for offline inspection and republishes your original data, restoring your WebAgain. WebAgain runs under Windows NT/2000 and protects web sites hosted on any platform.

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