web2printer E-Commerce Edition

Generate printable web pages on the fly !Let your visitors send html pages as email to there friends and load tons of targed traffic to your site !




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Description of web2printer E-Commerce Edition:

web2printer is a unique PHP script, that gives your visitors the ability to view your web pages in a "printer-friendly manner. This means all images removed or replace with either an string or the alt - text. A usefull crossreference for every hyperlink inside the page generated at the page bottom of the page. The result page contains the page url and your copyright!
With the unique mail this article to your friends you can load tons of returning traffic on your site.
Verry easy to use just:

Download the script and put it on your web site.
enclose the parts of your html pages you want to print with :

here is your content ...

You can enclose as many parts as you want.
create an hyperlink to the script.
In order for web2printer to work properly, the following are required:
A apache based web host (1.3) ; a PHP interpreter properly configured and installed (Reference Version is 4.0.6); ; To use the unique e-mail feature your php must be configured to access your mail server. ; web2printer will work with both static and dynamically-generated HTML pages, as long as you can put a hyperlink on the page.

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