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META TOOLS is an Award Winning Meta Tag keyword/phrase enhancement tool for web site promotion.




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Description of Meta Tools:

META TOOLS is an AWARD WINNING, META TAG Keyword & Phrase creation, enhancement tool for windows. It's designed to aid WEB Developers maximize their search engine rankings with ease.

Meta Tools focuses on creating an easy environment to analyze your pages Keyword count and Keyword density values automatically. No more tedious word counting as you create or change documents, just one click, then a few seconds later, your done. This gives you a powerful advantage over your online competition.

Main Features: Full Meta Tag support and Insertion, Keyword Count & Keyword Density analysis, editable stop word filtering and search engine ranking tutorials.

Meta Tools Current Features Include,

* Unique Word Count Analysis of each HTML documents Body / TITLE / Alt Images. (no html will be scanned)
* Keyword to Body Matching (both RAW and Unique Words are supported)
* Keyword Density Matching
* Stop Word Filtering
* User Definable Stop Word Filters
* User Definable Stop CHAR Filtering
* Keyword and Key Phrase Matching
* Duplicated Keyword removal
* Min. Keyword Matching
* User Keyword and Key PHRASE Insertion/Testing
* Editable Meta Tags, (Desciption,Abstract,Robots,Author,Copyright,Rating, Distribution,Revist-After, Expires, Generator & program ID)
* One click operation.
* User Doc's - includes useful tips about getting a better listing

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